Friday, February 6, 2009

Tyra Banks Show

On Thursday Pat and I attended the Tyra Banks Show. No cameras (or even cell phones) were allowed in the studio, so no photos for my blog, unfortunately. The show is taped in the same building, different floor, as the Martha Stewart Show. It seems like a pretty hardcore operation. No cell phones, or cameras or large bags allowed. Plus, everyone gets wanded after going through a metal detector. Also, just an FYI, any that gets Tyra tickets will get an e-mail stressing that their "upscale business" dress code is "STRONGLY ENFORCED." It isn't, in fact, and Pat and I wore jeans and sneakers.

When we finally got to enter the actual studio, I was absolutely dumbfounded at how small the studio is! It seriously looks 3-4x bigger on TV. It was completely bizarre. The show itself wasn't very interesting, the kids from the ABC Family show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" were on, but it was fascinating to see how they make the studio look so big on TV. Also, even though we barely made it to the studio on time, we got really good seats (second row, center), and some of the first people who got there were in the back. This happened at Martha, too, so I think maybe it's a good thing to get to shows later.

The Tyra Show is different than the other shows we've been on (David Letterman, Martha) because it's not "live." This means that on the Tyra Show, she messes up her lines and has to restart a lot. But you might expect that from a model...just kidding...

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