Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Now that we've lived in the hotel for a couple days, we've begun to realize some of the quirks of the room. Most notably: If the heat is set to ON, every 10 minutes or so, the ceiling makes this really weird, loud noise that sounds like someone is saying "WHAAAAAA?" (Think Chris from Family Guy). Also one of the windows won't close all the way. Which is scary because my bed is right next to it.

Because our internships don't start until Friday, Pat and I have been doing some major exploring, mostly around the tourist-y neighborhoods. We're super close (about 3 blocks away) to Times Square...
Radio City...Rockefeller Center...NBC Studios where Dateline, Conan O'Brien, and Saturday Night Live are taped...Speaking of shows, Pat and I have tickets to 2 TV shows this semester. Unfortunately, they're pretty much the lamest shows taped in New York: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Martha Stewart Show. Woohoo!

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